Fused Glass

Join our fused glass workshops in Mt Pleasant, SC

Create Something Useful and Beautiful

There are endless things you can create with fused glass. From small jewelry holders to large plates and bowls, you can craft something truly unique at The Art Place Studio. We offer fused glass workshops for ages 8 and up, where we teach you how to cut, stack and glaze glass to create one-of-a-kind artwork.

Visit our local glass art studio in Mt Pleasant, SC today to learn how.

How it works

Whether you're coming in with your best friend or an entire party, you'll learn everything you need to know at our fused glass workshops. Our process is simple:

  • First, you'll pick which base plate you want to design.
  • Second, you get all the tools and protective wear needed.
  • Third, we'll teach you how to safely cut the glass to fit your piece.
  • Fourth, you'll spend time stacking and designing your art.
  • Fifth, we'll glaze the glass for you to take home.
It's as fun and easy as that. Call now to book a session at our glass art studio in Mt Pleasant, SC today.